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Universal Life Insurance protects your wealth to ensure an enduring legacy to your family. You’ve worked hard to accumulate your wealth – let us safeguard your valuable financial assets against life uncertainties. This gives your family the benefit of your experience to sail calmly across life without compromising their current lifestyle. We understand your high net worth and we will transfer your wealth to the family according to your wishes to avoid friction. Our policy creates and enhances wealth for your future generation. We advise on investing wisely on profitable equities and succeed your business ventures in case of death.

Analyzing your assets portfolio is challenging without an assistant. This is where we come in. We carefully assess and plan your liquid cash and assets. Our consultants with over 10 years experience in Life Insurance carefully review your equities, properties and businesses to craft a package with most benefits. This guarantees a flexible policy that allows you to enjoy your comfortable and exceptional lifestyle.

We have fast claim service and our experts are a phone call away to offer support based on your contract requirements. We gather your data, analyze it, implement a working plan and monitor our recommendations to ensure supreme benefits on your wealth.

icon-check-circle Careful planning on your wealth to increase returns while safeguarding all risks to avoid volatility of assets and liquid cash.

icon-check-circle Meticulous enhancement and division of your assets and properties to your family in the event of your death. We subdivide wealth to your family according to your wishes to ensure justice and minimize conflict after your demise.

icon-check-circle Preservation of your wealth to ensure optimum lifestyles for you and your family. Our packaged Universal Life Insurance helps you achieve your wealth goals.

icon-check-circle Flexible policy management that allows you to increase or decrease your benefits.

icon-check-circle Guaranteed death benefits to your beneficiaries in the event of death or terminal illness.

icon-check-circle Free report on your wealth goals to facilitate control and monitoring.

Our comprehensive Life Insurance policy ensures that your proceeds all passed accordingly to your named beneficiaries.However, according to our terms, you may lose some benefits if your death is a result of suicide. If you are unsure about what is not covered on under your custom policy, kindly engage our Life Insurance financial advisors to clear the matter for you.
 icon-file  In the event of death, your claimants should submit a written notification as soon as possible. The name of the claimant, your policy number, and your name should be included. The cause and place of death should also be reported.

 icon-paperclip  To initiate the claiming process, your beneficiary should submit relevant supporting documents such as death certificates, postmortem report and medical report as early as possible. This allows us to make a fast decision.

icon-clock-o  Once we have the relevant documents, we will settle all claims within 30 days which is subject to approval. Our dream is to have a complete, fair and fast claim procedure for your beneficiaries.


icon-comments-o Yes, you can enhance your benefits or insured amount depending on the package that you choose. This can be done after the first policy year subject to our acceptance depending on the suitability and your needs.


icon-comments-o Minimum premium requirement is the least amount you are supposed to pay to keep your policy in force. Make sure to maintain this payment to keep your policy in good standing.


icon-comments-o Your Universal Life Insurance package may lapse in case you fail to meet the minimum premium repayment. Also the same case happens if accumulated value after 5 years is not enough to cover for monthly charges for your loan amount and interests. In such a scenario, our experts may advise you to make a top up premium payment to reinstate your policy.
You are not alone. Make a decision to hire us today and join hundreds of our satisfied clients who have enjoyed the most of our wealth management benefits as most of them have been grandfathered by Life Insurance benefits from their previous generation. Our experts are well trained and accomplished and we offer free review on your assets and ensure good support when it comes to claims.

Life is unpredictable but after gaining a deeper insight from our wealthy clients, we have come up with a complete plan to manage your wealth. We have protected many generations across Singapore with our relationship - based approach. Don’t let uncertainties of life ruin your legacy and lifestyle of your family. Live according to your ambitions and enjoy good retirement life by partnering with us as your consultants.
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