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icon-quote-left I travel often and each time I always contact Singapore Insurance Empire for a travel insurance cover. The consultants have never failed me as they are efficient in their service delivery for they have a hassle and fuss free process for travel cover application. This has worked for me especially when I have to travel at the eleventh hour. Each time I called to request for travel coverage, the details and benefits were explained to me giving me that personalized attention that I needed. Also the policy is emailed to me speedily via email upon my confirmation. This has always made it possible for me to enjoy holidays and adventures without worries. Am grateful to Singapore Insurance Empire for their amazing services! icon-quote-right
Ms Michelle T.
(+65) xxxx-6915

icon-quote-left Group Hospitalization Insurance and Mediguard benefits from Singapore Insurance Empire are the best gifts we have ever given to our staff. It has helped in reducing staff turnover to other companies as they know they are always covered. The consultants from this team do an amazing job through follow ups of the claim cases and other administrative issues related to this policy. When we were applying for this policy from the company, the consultants explained in detailed the benefits of the cover. They also took time to analyse the needs of our staff and advising us on the best plan to go for. The consultants spent time with our staff to explain to them the cover they were entitled for and the process of filing a claim if need be. We also received from them the Mediguard cards to enable the staff members to visit clinics for treatment. Three months after getting the cover for our staff, there were about 10 claim cases that included hospitalization procedures and problems encountered at clinics for Mediguard. The consultants stepped in to ensure to their best that each problem was settled in less than a week. Through the services of the consultants, the claims were settled within a month or two. They also took the initiative to review and advise us on additional policies which will ensure all-rounded cover for our staff such as dental benefits, Keyman insurance, Motor insurance for our Managing Director’s car, and personal accident benefits.

Thanks to you guys for the great work! icon-quote-right

Mr. Norman T.
(+65) xxxx-3638

icon-quote-left Getting the personal accident insurance cover was the best thing that happened to my life as a student. I was encouraged to purchase the insurance as they were affordable as I was given a quote of less than one dollar per day! The cover came in handy two weeks later as some particles got into my eye and I rushed to A&E Department. My treatment cost me more than $200 which were all covered by the personal accident insurance cover that I had bought from them. Having to pay for the bill from my account did not affect my finances as the consultants responded swiftly to my claims, and gave me the reimbursement in less than two weeks after receiving my claim. In my life as a student, I always feel safe with special thanks to Personal Accident cover. Thanks for keeping your word to me! icon-quote-right

Ms Yvonne L.
(+65) xxxx-1251

icon-quote-left Recently I had a trip to China and a friend advised me to get a Travel Insurance policy from Singapore Insurance Empire. When I contacted the consultants, a detailed explanation on the benefits of the policy patiently and other important information on the cover was given to me. They also sent to me a summary of the policy through my email immediately after confirmation of the cover. Soon after coming back from my trip, I fell ill and I needed medical attention. I was not sure that I could file a claim from my policy and sought advice from the consultants who picked up the case on my behalf. After getting the required treatment from the clinic, the consultants immediately did a follow up with me and helped me to file the claim to ensure that I received the reimbursement within two weeks all thanks to their effort. Since then, they have remained my travel partners whenever I am on a trip. Keep up the good job! icon-quote-right

Ms W.X Fu and Mr K.D Fu
(+65) xxxx-7239 / (+65) xxxx-1921

icon-quote-left I was in need of a fire insurance cover to protect my company but I did not know how I could get the best cover available in the market. As I was surfing through some websites, I found Singapore Insurance Empire and I decided to try contacting them. The consultants guided me on what to look out for in order to get the ideal cover. They assisted me in completing the documentation in a short while as some sections of the form were very technical. I was amazed that in less than three working days, I had a very competitive quote from them.

I was impressed by their work and fast response so I entrusted them with the task of renewal of commercial vehicle Insurance that I had from a particular provider. I was at a close rood whether to renew it under the current provider or to change to a different one. The consultants went out of their way to search for the ideal provider in the market. They emphasized to me the importance of comparing what different insurers have to offer. In two days time, they provided me with some attractive quotes which we analysed together and I decided to renew the cover under my existing insurer with the consultants from Singapore Insurance Empire as it was the best deal among many. The consultants carried out the renewal process for me efficiently.

I recommend the Singapore Insurance Empire consultants to all for they are reliable, honest and easy to work with. Thanks! icon-quote-right

Mr Z.H Ang
(+65) xxxx-1005

icon-quote-left We did not have an insurance agent to care for our cars. We engaged Singapore Insurance Empire whose consultants took over the responsibility of caring for our cars. Once I got involved in a car accident and I got a lot of support from the consultants who guided me on what to do for example, sending my car to an approved workshop by the insurer. Also they enlightened us on other benefits that we were entitled to such as car towing benefit. The claim process was tedious, demanding and complicated but thanks to the consultants as they followed up patiently till the claim case was closed. They gave us peace of mind during the process that would have been draining without them as they gave us constant updates on the proceedings. Subsequently, we have been renewing our car insurance with the help of our consultants giving us a reminder upon near expiry date of the cover. The insurance renewal was processed successfully only within one day as we just had to sign the renewal form and simply email it to the consultants for processing. We benefited from extra services for eg, road tax renewal and payment provided by the consultants.

Thank you Singapore Insurance Empire for your relentless support for the last three years! icon-quote-right

Mr Z.Y Ang and Mr Z.H Ang
(+65) xxxx-4075 / (+65) xxxx-1005
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