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Enjoy overseas holidays with our Student Travel Insurance in Singapore. Whether you are leaving for higher education or just exploring the world, rest assured about your coverage. Our plans cover: accidental illnesses, physical disability and deaths. With our comprehensive package for students, your zeal for getting knowledge from around the world is a dream come true. Engage our consultants today and get to enjoy unlimited worldwide coverage with your family under our annual and bi-annual student travel plans. We protect and safeguard your long-term plans while you leave for overseas training.

We have prepackaged a cost-conscious policy that takes care of all learners travel needs. No more fear for cancellations and interruptions while traveling and learning abroad. Keep your health the first place when traveling. To safeguard you, we will cover all emergencies and medical related expenses while you are touring the world. We also know that your value your baggage – we will reimburse you for lost, stolen or damaged baggage. Enjoy exciting adventures as a student and stay protected with our Student Travel Insurance plan should anything happen.

 icon-quote-left Student Travel Insurance is only available in annual and bi-yearly packages for individuals and families, therefore you may plan to take on Single Trip Travel Insurance if you are a starter and is intending to travel for less than 6 months. Alternatively, call us to find out more! icon-quote-right 

We assure you of the following benefits and services:

icon-check-circle Unlimited coverage to student accidents, medical repatriation, felonious assault & Battery expenses.

icon-check-circle Reimbursement for study interruptions including tuition fees refund and sponsor protection.

icon-check-circle Complete coverage in case of accidents happening when training as an amateur sports persons.

icon-check-circle Free cover to travel and accommodation for a relative to take care of you in case you are hospitalized for more than 5 days.

icon-check-circle Worldwide coverage for accidental death or injury during your study abroad or when enjoying your vacation anywhere in the world.

icon-check-circle Extended cover to loss of personal stuff while traveling including laptop and travel documents.

icon-check-circle In case your baggage or travel is delayed for more than 6 hours, we shall reimburse your claims accordingly.

icon-check-circle Insurance against damage to third parties’ properties caused by your negligence while learning abroad.

icon-times-circle Our Student Travel Insurance policy covers learners between the ages of fifteen and forty-five years who are enrolled and undertaking full time education in a registered Institution of higher learning in Singapore.

icon-times-circle Only one policy is allowed to each student during a specific period.

icon-times-circle Our plans do not cover accidents arising due to acts of war. Also accidents occurring as a result of participation in illegal acts and professional sports are also not covered.

icon-times-circle Suicide and self-inflicted injuries are also not insured in our packages.

icon-times-circle Mental disorders, pre-existing health conditions, AIDS and pregnancy related illnesses are also not insurable.
 icon-envelope  To allow us to reimburse you within the shortest time possible, fill a claim form and send it to us within the shortest time possible with all supporting documents per each case as seen below:

Personal Accident – cause of accident and where it occurred, medical reports and bills.

Medical benefits and Services – original medical bill, medical report, receipts, airfare for relative visit and hotel accommodation bills.

Cancellation, postponement and curtailment – invoice from travel agency, invoice showing cancellation charges and travel interruption proof.

Losses and delays - original booking invoice and proof of loss.

Personal liability – submit all correspondence from third parties.

 icon-dollar  Once we get the documents, we shall reimburse you within the shortest time possible. Always call our 24/7 hotline if in doubt.

icon-comments-o Your coverage will begin; when you leave the home country, when your application and premium are received by us or on the date requested on your application letter. Coverage will end as soon as you return to Singapore or when you cease to be an eligible person. Also, the date requested in your enrollment form will also determine the end date.

icon-question-circle WHAT IS THE DURATION OF MY COVER?

icon-comments-o Basically, you will be covered for the whole duration overseas when taking your studies. This minimizes the stress of subsequent policy renewals and also saves you a lot of money on your premiums.


icon-comments-o No. Our comprehensive package only caters for personal effects and luggage that you travel with.


icon-comments-o If you give a 30 days notice, you can terminate your policy and get a full refund. However, short notices will incur an administration cost. Pro-rated refunds will apply to your premiums if the remaining term of the policy is greater or equal to six months.

1. Online registration and instant confirmation of your travel insurance via email.

2. Free advice on best package, contract matters and claim process.

3. 24/7 support from our qualified support team with over 10 years experience in the Students Travel Insurance industry.

4. Save time and money with us, we will help you find the best Student Travel Insurance to offer adequate protection, benefits and coverage while considering your tight budget.

5. Non obligatory free review of your portfolio backed up with 3 best quotes from 15 major insurers in Singapore including:

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