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If you're running a small business you may have looked at the number of different kinds of insurance available and wondered just how you can meet your needs without spending days combing through the small print and comparing different policies. You need insurance for your legal liabilities, such as public liability insurance and works injury insurance; you need to protect your business assets, like stock in trade and office equipment, with all risks insurance; and you also need to cover yourself against the risk of business interruption, for instance if your premises are damaged and you have to close while you refit. Each of these risks requires a different kind of insurance - but the EQ Business Package can cover all of them in one policy. You pay one premium, and you have one company to deal with.

The EQ Business Package offers essential insurance for all the major risks affecting your business, giving you the security that you'll be able to cope with whatever life has in store. As well as an all risks policy covering stock in trade, business equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings, it gives you protection against business interruption and loss of cash or goods in transit. It also includes public liability, works injury, and personal accident insurance.
icon-check-circle All Risks insurance covers your stock in trade, furniture, fixtures and fittings.

icon-check-circle Consequential Loss covers you for up to 100 if your business premises have to be closed as a result of damage.

icon-check-circle Compensation for loss of money during transit or at your premises.

icon-check-circle Loss or damage of goods in transit.

icon-check-circle Public liability insurance

icon-check-circle Other insurance as described in the tailor-made packages.

Do you think that a package isn't flexible enough for your business, or not targeted to your kind of business? Think again - the EQ Business Package has four different tailored policies for particular types of business, offering exactly the insurance you need.

• The food and beverage plan offers customised options for food stalls, takeways and restaurants, including special policies such as cover against deterioration of refrigerated stock, and cover if you have a problem with food poisoning, as well as all standard risks.

Retailers also benefit from their own tailored package offering full theft cover, which will pay out against shoplifting as well as break-ins, as well as plate glass cover in case the shop window is smashed.

Personal services businesses such as photo studios, tutors or businesses offering self-enrichment courses benefit from a package with excellent Errors & Omissions cover, protecting them against legal action brought by dissatisifed customers.

• An office package not only covers the business assets and staff, but also offers a fidelity guarantee covering you against fraud or dishonesty on the past of your employees.

To find out more about how the EQ Business Package can help your business, call us and we will take you through the details.
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