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As an expert such as a doctor, lawyer or accountant, a Professional Indemnity Insurance guarantees you adequate coverage to financial claims arising from you when discharging your duties. Whether you are registered as a business entity or a sole proprietor, you are expected to have necessary expertise while rendering your services to your client. Errors and omissions arising from you and your employees can cause lot of trouble if claims are raised. This is where our insurance comes in to protect you against damages and claims from third parties. We will provide you with the maximum best benefit and coverage at a minimum cost.

icon-quote-left Apart from insuring yourself as an affluent professional, would you want yourself and your company to reap other elite benefits that may help you leave a legacy behind for your family as well as sustain consistent earnings for your business in case of any mishaps? Our Universal Life policy and/or ancillary corporate insurance such as Keyman Insurance may be the answer for you! Enquire with us today at no cost! icon-quote-right


icon-check-circle Extended cover to accidents or losses arising to you due to failure of meeting the required standards and/or expectations.

icon-check-circle Coverage to third party liabilities arising from errors and omissions in your profession. For instance, if your products fail to work as expected or if advice is offered negligently, third parties will be compensated for losses incurred.

icon-check-circle In case of negligence arising from you, your company or employees, any claims made thereafter are insurable. This may include; system failure, loss of data and non performance of products/ services.

icon-check-circle Your package also gives adequate protection against legal defense costs including court costs.

icon-check-circle Other coverage include losses due to slander, lost privacy, property infringement as well as all claims arising due to your dishonest employees or closure of business.

Fortunately, our Professional Indemnity Insurance carries fewer exceptions including claims arising due to invasion, wars, libel and losses due to nuclear emissions.

In addition, money lost due to theft, misuse of funds, fraud and dishonesty of your employees may not be insured.
Unlike other insurances, Professional Indemnity Insurance payments are rewarded on a ‘claims made basis’. This means that we will admit all claims arising during your policy period irrespective of when they occurred. The following are the necessary steps required to make a claims:

icon-fileWritten notice including the details of the claims. That is, reason for the claim, when it occurred, persons involved and the exact date.

icon-file-text-oCopies of documents such as; claimants’ demand letter, summons, judgments report, correspondence and legal advises on the claims.

icon-moneyExpenses of hired lawyers, their budget and Curriculum Vitae

icon-list Legal invoices, case narratives and original receipts of court costs incurred.

icon-clock-oOnce we receive the details, we will send an acknowledgement immediately, review the case and communicate our decision within the shortest time possible

icon-dollarFinally, if the claim is sufficient, we will submit our fair settlements accordingly.

We have been in the insurance industry for more than ten years. Don’t waste your time trying to compare different plans from insurers. We will definitely profile your needs and give you the best quote. Our friendly support staff is a phone call away. We have the fastest processing and claims procedure. Our documentations are done through email and fax eliminating the slow paper work. Talk to our professionals and get the best service for your insurance needs.

By making a choice to hire us today, you are joining an elite group of satisfied clients who are enjoying our packaged professional indemnity insurance. We are exceptional and our consultants are thoroughly trained to change with the needs of our customers. We review your needs at no commitments to you. We assess your needs and present you with 3 best quotes from the best insurers in Singapore. We work hand in hand closely with experts from major insurers such as:

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icon-star AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
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