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Your Porsche Car is an important car that shows your Zeal for modern automobiles. However, staying with this luxurious without an insurance cover can result to big loss in the event of an accident. However, we have good news for you. Our Porsche Car Insurance covers your dream car in Singapore. Be it a Porsche Carrera or other Porsche series, you can now insure your vehicle against loss, theft or damage. In addition, we offer comprehensive plans that cater for: third parties’ property damage, injuries and deaths sustained during an accident. Our professional team is a phone call away to give you competitive quotes based on your needs.

icon-quote-left Even though premiums for your Sports Car and other cars likewise ( Audi, BMW etc) may be pricier than the classic cars or cars with low mileage but there are many methods that you can cut down on your insurance premiums, so do make sure you check out our simple tips and you may save yourself some money while capitalizing on a good deal.

Moreover, it is uncommon for all insurers to be able to underwrite insurance for Porsche and other high performance cars due to the tremendous risks involved - for instance, as Porsche is classified as a high end car and therefore the repair and/or replacement costs to be incurred are estimated to be extravagant should an accident occur. Nonetheless, do not be too concerned about searching around for insurers as we have the solution for you!

Exceptional features for Porsche Car Insurance in Singapore

icon-check-circle Enjoy peace of mind with your Porsche Car and enjoy the safest covers on the road.

icon-check-circle Reimbursement of car in the event of accident, theft or fire.

icon-check-circle Windscreen cover

icon-check-circle We offer 24/7 breakdown and roadside services.

icon-check-circle Loss of benefit. Enjoy up to 5 days of a replacement cover in the event your Porsche car repairs are delayed

icon-check-circle Utmost personal accident cover for you while driving. In case you land to an accident, we will cater for your medical bills and reimburse you in the event of total or partial disability.

icon-check-circle Medical expenses reimbursement to you, your designated drivers, passengers and other third parties.

icon-check-circle Coverage for legal costs and expenses arising from third party claims.

icon-quote-left Feel free to contact us or find out more here for additional FAQs or other car insurance related matters. icon-quote-right
icon-times-circle Losses, liabilities and damages occurring outside Singapore, West Malaysia and the part of Thailand that is within 50 miles from the border of Thailand and West Malaysia can not be insured.

icon-times-circle Accidents happening where the vehicle was used against its ‘limitations of use’ or by persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not covered.

icon-times-circle In addition unless those events that meet the requirement of legislation, our plans do not cover causes of accidents arising from: war, invasions, acts of foreign enemies, strikes, riots, civil commotions, flood, typhoon, tornado, cyclone and all other convulsion of nature.

icon-times-circle Nuclear risks as a result of ionization, escape/existence of nuclear fuels and wastes are also not insurable.

In case of an accident, don’t panic. Kindly follow the procedures below:

icon-plus-square Check whether anyone is injured and call 995/999 for police/ambulance respectively.

icon-truck Avoid removing the vehicle from the scene unless a necessity arises to rescue the injured parties.

icon-camera Make efforts to take photos of damaged properties/vehicles.

icon-exchange Exchange your details with the other parties including: names, addresses, telephone number, vehicle registration numbers and insurance companies of the other motorists.

icon-phone Do not admit any liability whatsoever. If you need advice, call your insurer's hotline or your consultant immediately.

Reporting the accident

icon-reply You should report any road accident to us within 24 hours or the next business day. Carry the following documents:

• Your identification documents and Vehicle Insurance Certificate.
• Registration numbers, make, model and color of vehicles involved in the accident.
• Name and addresses of all involved parties.
• Insurance companies of the other vehicles.
• Witnesses and photographs.

Lodging a police report

icon-mobile Always lodge a police report in case of the following circumstances.

• Injuries to pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists
• Accidents involving government or foreign vehicles.
• Also, for other non-accident related claims such as theft or vandalism, report the case to police and to our workshops for immediate investigation and reimbursement.
Save time by engaging our professional consultants. We process your documents via email/fax/scan. We also offer extra services including advise on processing Porsche Car Insurance contract in Singapore. Enjoy our non obligatory free review from our consultants and get the best quote based on 15 major insurers in Singapore. We offer convenient services for new policies, renewals and claims.

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