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Do not accept liability, loss or damage to your car or third party vehicles as well as injury to pedestrians during an accident. Get a Drivo Classic or Drivo Premium plan from us and stay on top of unexpected danger, theft or car damage. NTUC Income cares for and understands your insurance needs allowing you to drive at ease and confidence. We have sound emergency response, medical assistance, referral, towing and compensation packages for you and your vehicle.

NTUC Income vehicle insurance is the most desirable and comprehensive policy we have to protect you, your authorized drivers and passengers. We cover loss and limit your unforeseen liabilities to third parties including medical expenses. In the event of an accident, fire or car theft, rest assured that our dedicated team will reinstate your condition to its original state. We will repair, issue a replacement car and reimburse you and all those involved in an accident without any delay.

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Our Drivo Classic and Drivo Premium Car Insurance plans aim to give you the best entitlements at a competitive price. As a policy holder, you get to appreciate the following benefits and services:

icon-check-circle Choice of visiting your own preferred workshop in the case of an accident. (applicable to the Drivo Premium plans only)

icon-check-circle Complete car repair at NTUC approved workshops if you meet with an accident (works for the Drivo Classic plans only)

icon-check-circle Complete replacement of vehicle in case of great damage. We will replace your car depending on the market value of the damaged car.

icon-check-circle Compensation to third parties in case of damaged property, injury or death.

icon-check-circle Medical expenses cover to you, your named drivers, passengers and third parties.

icon-check-circle Personal accident benefits, 24/7 towing service and unlimited windscreen cover.

icon-check-circle Policy excess to windscreen and unnamed driver (whether experienced or inexperienced) depending on the extent of your claim.

icon-check-circle No Claim Discount (NCD) protector to policy holders with at least 30% NCD.

icon-check-circle 7 days transport allowance when your car is damaged.

icon-quote-left Don't worry if you are a owner of a luxury car as we have specially created the Drivo Prestige policy just to fit your needs. The Drivo Prestige policy will offer to you identical benefits as specified above but at higher limits as we recognize that more is required for your luxury car.

Luxury cars broadly include BMWs, sports cars, Audi, Porsches (Panamera, Cayenne, Cayman, Boxter and 911) and more.

We can be proud to say that we are the one and only insurer who has designed a policy uniquely for your luxury car.

Enjoy real time 0% interest-free credit card instalments with no paperwork involved on your side and get your quote processed with quickly once we receive your details. We customize your insurance plan instantly and we go the extra mile to help you with the renewal of your road tax. We will assist you patiently should any claims arise.
icon-times-circle While we value our policy holders, we may not cover losses and liabilities arising outside the geographical area stated on the policy document.

icon-times-circle We are also not liable to accidents that arise due to incorrect use of vehicle especially in cases of unauthorized drivers or where the car is driven under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

icon-times-circle Acts that do not meet requirement of legislations in the event of flood, hurricane, war, invasion or military power are also not covered.

icon-times-circle Catastrophic cases involving ionization and radio activity of nuclear materials are not insurable.
We understand the stress and confusion that arises when you are involved in a car accident. Therefore, we want you to have a smooth claims procedure so that we can restore your vehicle condition promptly. In case of an accident, follow the steps below:

 icon-phone Report the accident to NTUC Income immediately by calling your consultant or our hotline which is accessible 24/7. Also, collect all the details of the accident involving third party contact details and vehicle registration numbers. It is also a good practice to take photos of the scene, damaged vehicles and properties before any towing takes place.

 icon-archive  Once the report is received, our staff will collect all facts to initiate a successful claims procedure.

 icon-truck  Depending on the state of your vehicle, it may be driven/towed to our approved workshop centers to get quality repair done.. Our accredited repair centers will reinstate your car back to the pre-accident condition in a professional and fair manner. Do not expect anyone requesting to tow the car if not approved by NTUC Income insurance.

 icon-money Your vehicle will be reimbursed at the market value if is completely damaged.

 icon-ambulance Irrespective of whether you intend to make any claim or not, you should file an accident report with us. In the event that someone is injured on the accident, you should call the police and ambulance immediately and avoid shifting your vehicle.

icon-comments-o Yes, declaring a named driver or drivers on your policy entitles them to the same insurance excess as you. You may include a maximum of two named drivers. However, if you don’t drive, you have the option of declaring a primary driver and an addition of two drivers in the policy.


icon-comments-o To give you the best services, NTUC Income Car Insurance calculates your policy depending on your profiles and those of your named drivers. Therefore, named drivers may increase, decrease or even make the policy remain constant. It is always advisable to submit accurate profiles of your named drivers to have their risks insured accurately.

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