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Caught between straddling the responsibilities of both work and family, Singaporeans have been recruiting more foreign domestic helpers to help relieve household burdens and to shoulder part of the responsibilities for the care of children or the elderly sick. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, these domestic helpers now play an increasingly vital role in supporting the individual family unit.

If you have the intentions to engage the help of a domestic worker, you will need to provide a Security Bond to the Singapore Immigration Department or in lieu of this, a bankers’ or insurance guarantee. As mandated by the Ministry of Manpower, all employers in Singapore must also arrange for a Personal Accident Policy for a minimum sum insured of $10,000 before work permits can be granted. Given this current scenario, it is not only necessary but crucial that all potential employees seek out domestic helper insurance.

Our Foreign Maid Insurance plan will provide comprehensive and reliable insurance coverage to ensure that the needs of your helper will be well-taken care of. You can enjoy peace of mind and convenience as we will provide door-to-door service to aid you in the renewal and delivery of your helper’s insurance policy document and work permit. With a quick phone call, we will be there to provide for your every need.

icon-quote-left The above mentioned rules also apply to you if you are an employer owning a maid agency with more than one maid. icon-quote-right

icon-check-circle Standalone policy to offer maximum benefits to foreign employees to comply with the law.

icon-check-circle To meet the obligation mandated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore.

icon-check-circle 24/7 coverage for your domestic worker in case of death or permanent disablement.

icon-check-circle Extended coverage to medical expenses incurred as a result of accident. This also extends to outpatient treatment including Chinese Physician charges.

icon-check-circle Cover to surgical expenses occurring as a result of injury or illness. We cover all hospital related expenses incurred in a Singapore Government or restructured hospital.

icon-check-circle Repatriation services in the event your maid is unable to continue with work. This also extends to death.

icon-check-circle Daily benefits to hire temporary domestic worker in case your current maid is hospitalized.

icon-check-circle Reimbursement of job termination expenses in the event your worker is unable to continue with work.

icon-check-circle Letter of guarantee to MOM on your behalf equivalent to $5,000.

icon-check-circle Letter of guarantee and security board to Philippines Overseas Labor Office equivalent to $7,000.

Documents required for application
To apply for the Maid Insurance in Singapore, we require a copy of your employment pass or work permit. This only applies if you are a foreigner. In addition, copies of the In-Principal Approval Letter from MOM and NRIC of the witness/local guarantor are mandatory to process the insurance.
Generally our Maid Insurance plans will not cover claims arising from:

icon-times-circle Accidents arising due to your maid’s willful exposure to perils unless proved as an attempt to save human life.

icon-times-circle Self inflicted injuries, venereal diseases, existing defects and birth/pregnancy related illnesses e.g. miscarriage and contraception side effects.

icon-times-circle Flying activities except normal travel via licensed aircraft as a passenger.

icon-times-circle Accidents from dangerous engagements including: rock climbing, parachuting and military operations.

icon-times-circle Medical expenses which can be recovered via workman’s compensations act and similar regulations.

icon-times-circle Treatment of pre-existing and optional health conditions including: routine examinations, screenings, diagnoses, plastic, cosmetic surgery and installation of braces

icon-times-circle Expenses arising from special treatments e.g. dental care except normal treatments to sound natural teeth.

icon-times-circle Mental disorders and drug associated insanity.

icon-times-circle Hereditary/child birth abnormalities.

icon-times-circle Consequential losses unless related to loss of wage and levy compensation extension.

icon-times-circle Accidents arising from war, escape of nuclear wastes/radio active materials.

icon-times-circle All court actions brought in by countries outside Singapore.

 icon-mobile In case your domestic worker is involved in an accident or hospitalized, please call us immediately.

 icon-paperclip  Fill a duly completed claim form with all supporting documents including: death certificate, medical reports, invoices, receipts, repatriation expenses and proof of payments (e.g. original bills).

 icon-money Once we receive the claim form and the documents, we will process your refund within the shortest time possible.

Remember, we will do our utmost to assist you in your claims for Singapore Maid Insurance!

icon-comments-o To ensure the security and Maid Insurance coverage of your domestic worker, MOM requires you to add 2 extra months on the insurance policy in the event the worker overstays in Singapore. The 2 months act as a security period during which subsequent Maid Insurance packages can be purchased or renewed.


icon-comments-o Once we issue your Maid Insurance Policy in Singapore, we shall electronically submit the Guarantee Bond Details to MOM during the working hours. For new Domestic Worker Insurance cases, the guarantee will be availed to MOM within 14 days from the policy effective date.

There are uncountable reasons why you should engage our consultants with over 10 years experience in the Maid Insurance industry in Singapore:

• Faster paper work processing via email/fax/scan for all maids. This makes it simple to collect information especially if you are running a maid agency.

Customization of your quote depending on your needs to get maximum gain while lowering cost.

• Faster processing of Certificate of Insurance and exceptional support when making a claim.

Friendly team available to discuss your Maid Insurance needs absolutely at no cost.

Non obligatory review of your maid’s portfolio or existing portfolio to understand your needs.

Competitive quotes and comparison for better plans across major insurers in Singapore including:

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icon-star AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
icon-star AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd
icon-star China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
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