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Having a car insurance policy is one of the most important factors for car owners across the globe. Not having car insurance can put you at serious risk in terms of personal health and safety as well as legal liabilities. But sometimes, it can be difficult to get insurance, especially if you are seeking to attain low-mileage car insurance. Low mileage car insurance can help you save money and get adequate protection including benefits and coverage.

So what exactly is the basic principle behind low mileage car insurance and why is it different from your general auto mobile insurance? The first question your insurer will ask you when you want to get car insurance is sure to pertain to your annual mileage. Many drivers will tell their potential insurers that they are going to drive less than they actually do. The insurer will quote a premium based on about 2000-4000 extra miles than what you would have told them, and in the end that results in you getting extra miles that you don’t need, and therefore paying more than you needed to!

icon-quote-left Whether you have less mileage or more, having car insurance is not only a good idea, it’s a requirement by law. Search around for steady insurers like AXA, Aviva, AIG, MSIG, NTUC etc, that will give you the lowest possible premiums based on your actual mileage.

Your car's mileage is one determinants of how costly the premium is, but ultimately the premium is still reliant on a wide array of other components such as the profile of the driver (age, gender, experience) etc. As long as you keep a look out patiently, you will be able to find the best car insurance offer with maximal discounts in the market!

So you want to make sure you get the exact quote which suits your needs since having car insurance is necessary, low-mileage car insurance can be a great option, and here’s a list of reasons why:

icon-check-circle Car repairs guaranteed for 12 months

icon-check-circle 14-day money back guarantee

icon-check-circle Accident coverage

icon-check-circle Easy renewal of your car insurance policy with us

icon-check-circle Modify your car policy to suit your needs

icon-check-circle Emergency roadside assistance

icon-check-circle Child safety

Your Car Insurance will cover the following when you are driving:

icon-check-circle In the case of accidental loss, fire, or theft damage, your insurance policy will cover expenses of your car, audio equipment, accessories, and windscreen.

icon-check-circle In case of injury to your personal self, your car insurance will cover cases including death, loss of sight/hearing in one or both eyes/ears, and loss of limbs.

icon-check-circle If you or other passengers in the car are injured in an accident, your medical expenses will be covered.

icon-check-circle In case of loss via theft or accident of personal belongings, your car insurance will cover the damages.

icon-check-circle In the case of an accident where harm is inflicted unto others, such as death, injury, damage to property, or legal costs, your liability will be covered.

icon-quote-left Feel free to contact us or find out more here for additional FAQs or other car insurance related matters. icon-quote-right
icon-times-circle Losses, damages or liabilities sustained or incurred outside the defined geographical area of coverage

icon-times-circle Losses, damages or liabilities sustained or incurred while the vehicle is being used not in accordance to its ‘limitations of use'.

icon-times-circle Losses, damages or liabilities sustained or incurred driven by any unauthorised driver

icon-times-circle Losses, damages or liabilities sustained or incurred driven by the insured or his authorised driver while under the influence of intoxicating drugs or liquor

icon-times-circle Accident, loss, damage or liability (except those which meet the requirements of the legislation) directly/indirectly, proximately or remotely occasioned by, contributed to by, traceable to, arising out of or in connection with political issues (such as strike or rebellion), natural disasters, or terrorism.

icon-times-circle Nuclear risks including ionising, radioactivity, existence or escape of any nuclear fuel, material or waste are considered to be catastrophic risks which cannot be provided for by insurance.
Our claim procedures are simple and effective.

icon-microphone If you want to report an incident that has damaged your car, all you need to do is to give us a call within 24 hours of the occurrence and we will make sure that your claim is verified and recorded.

icon-truck You can also come and visit us at our fixed claim centres with your vehicle if it is in driving condition.

icon-file-o Make sure that you report your accident at least before the next working day, as any later will be a violation of your claim policy.

icon-dollar Once the claim is made, we will handle the documentation and provide you with your due claim.
Here is why you should choose to hire us instead of the guy next door:

• We have the best dedicated consultants with up to 10 years of experience with hundreds of satisfied clientele to provide testimonials.

• We will review your existing profile without any obligation and advise you accordingly to help you understand and identify your needs with what you feel you can afford!

• Because we want to assure you the best quality, we obtain quotes from up to 15 general insurers and give you 3 best quotes based on price and product.

• You can speak to our consultants while we complete the paperwork for you.

Convenient, as paperwork can be done via email, fax, scan anytime.

• Because of our extensive experience in claims, we provide you with fast responses to claims, as well as good claim support.

• We provide after sales support including subsequent renewal of insurance, claims, review coverage, etc.

Our History
Over the years we have cooperated with consultants from trustworthy insurers such as:

 icon-star AVIVA Ltd
 icon-star AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
 icon-star AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd
 icon-star China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
 icon-star EQ Insurance Company Ltd
 icon-star Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd
 icon-star MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
 icon-star NTUC Income
 icon-star Overseas Assurance Corporation (OAC)
 icon-star QBE Insurance (International) Limited
 icon-star RSA – Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc
 icon-star Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd.

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