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It can be difficult finding the right insurance package for a small office business - one that covers all your major risks while remaining affordable. You need to make sure that whatever happens to your business, you're covered; the survival of your business could be at stake. And you want to be sure that you're paying for the right kind of insurance; policies that are targeted at manufacturing or retail businesses with their high investment in property and stock might not be useful for you if your main assets are your brains and your brand name.

Fortunately Sompo Insurance, a long-established Japanese insurance company that now operates in over 30 countries, has come up with a package specifically for Singaporean small office businesses - Spectra Office. It includes several different types of insurance in one package, covering you against all major risks and giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on growing your business.

All these risks are covered in one package - you don't have to sign up to different policies for each kind of cover. If you want to find out how to insure your business effectively, call us now and we'll take you through what Spectra has to offer.
icon-check-circle all risks insurance for your business assets including equipment, fixtures and fittings, and stock in trade, and cover for money in transit or kept at your premises

Many firms have good cover for their assets, but they could have problems if they are unable to operate for some time. If you have to redecorate your premises or fit a new computer network, it could be weeks till you're able to open again. While an All Risks policy will pay for your ruined stock, equipment, and fittings, you'll be out of pocket if you can't run the business in the meantime. Spectra includes up to 120 days' cover for consequential loss if you're unable to operate.

icon-check-circle consequential loss in the event of business interruption for up to 120 days

icon-check-circle personal accident and work injury compensation insurance for you and your staff

The package also includes work industry compensation insurance for up to 3 employees. That covers your legal liability to your staff. In addition there's worldwide personal accident insurance which pays out if you or any member of your staff is permanently disabled or killed in an accident.

icon-check-circle public liability and Errors & Omissions insurance

The package also provides public liability insurance, covering your legal liability for any accidental damage caused to third parties (whether personal injury, or damage to property) as a result of your business

You can also choose to add Errors & Omissions insurance, which covers any claims made against you for breach of professional duty. If you're a professional firm whose customers depend on your advice, it's well worth it.

icon-check-circle legal costs insurance

Every business these days has to deal with customer data and that means complying with the Personal Data Protection Act. Spectra Office can't help you with that - but it can help with legal expenses relating to data protection, as well as other legal costs your business might incur.

icon-check-circle fire and extraneous perils insurance on your buildings

icon-check-circle loss arising from employees' dishonesty
icon-times-circle OFFICE

• Premises used as storage and/or manufacturing operation

• Events and exhibition organisers

• Financial institutions

• Surveyor and/or loss adjusting firms

• Private investigation services

icon-times-circle F&B

• Bars, discotheques, nightclubs, karaoke lounges and pubs

• Push-carts and mobile kiosks

• Coffee shops

• Wet/dry markets and hawker centres

icon-times-circle SERVICE

• Bars, discotheques, nightclubs, karaoke lounges and pubs

• Massage parlours (unless accredited member of Spa Association Singapore)

• Amusement arcades and billiard centres

• Betting centres

• Infant care centres i.e. below 18 months

• Air-conditioning services

• Cleaning services

• Marriage and/or matchmaking services

• Pest control services

• Veterinary clinic

• Private investigation services

• Cosmetic and corrective surgery or treatment involving oral medication, injections, laser, implants, tattoos, body piercing and/or any other process involving the breaking or abrasion of human skin

• Driving courses

• Martial arts courses

• Water and/or outdoor sports courses

icon-times-circle RETAIL

• Shops located in a wet/dry market

• Manual work involved outside of insured’s own premises except for the purpose of delivery of goods only.

• Jewellery and time pieces exceeding $750 per article

• Mobile phones, tablets and accessories

• Antiques and collectibles, coins and currency notes, works of art and sculptures, stamps, precious stones/ metals, second hand and used goods

• Building and construction materials

• Livestock

• Alcohol and tobacco

• Joss sticks and joss papers

• Paints and varnishes

• Flammable and hazardous products

• Computer components including integrated circuit chips

• Battery and tyre workshops

• Nurseries and landscaping

• Motor showrooms and repair workshops

• Money changers and pawn shops

• Petrol stations/kiosks

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