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As an employer, you want to be sure to provide the best type of insurance coverage for your employees in order to ensure that they work with loyalty, discipline, and integrity. The type, quality, and quantity of the benefits you offer to cover your employees will reflect back in their dedication towards the organization overall.

Travelling can not only be expensive, but dangerous as well, as there are just some things that cannot be avoided, especially when it comes to circumstances that are out of one’s control. Of course you want assurance that your employer comes back home safe and sound, completely able and fit to work once they get back. For that, it’s important that they are well taken care of by a good insurance plan, provided by you, their employer.

Whether your employee is a frequent flyer or an occasional traveller, we have several different types of insurance plans which suit the needs of your organization, your employees, and your own, tailored to meet each of their party’s needs.

icon-quote-left Apart from providing travel insurance for your employees, you could also use other types of indemnity we provide such as Group Health Insurance and Group Personal Accident Insurance, Foreign Worker Medical Insurance and Work Injury Compensation Insurance! icon-quote-right


• A minimum of 5 employees are required to enrol for the plan
• Policy is subjected to $10 million coverage per conveyance

icon-quote-left If your company is a Singapore start up with less than 5 employees, you may consider to safeguard their interests under a Single Trip Insurance plan or Annual Insurance plan accordingly or ring us up if you are uncertain about the plans! icon-quote-right
Travel with a peace of mind

As an employer, you do want to have a beneficial insurance plan in your back pocket, but of course you need to be finance-friendly to yourself too! Our comprehensive group travel insurance plan can give you the peace of mind (and pocket) that offers an extensive array of benefits that cater to your travel protection. We will provide you with special extensions, including:

icon-check-circle Maximum days of coverage to be up to 120 days for each trip
icon-check-circle Covers personal deviation immediately before and after a business trip
icon-check-circle Covers up to 80 years of age
icon-check-circle Automatic extension of coverage period up to 30 days due to hospitalisation or quarantine
icon-check-circle Home leave extension of up to 30 days for expatriates
icon-check-circle Full terrorism coverage
icon-check-circle Optional leisure travel coverage
icon-check-circle Free leisure travel extension for directors, managing directors, chairman, and president
icon-check-circle 24 hour medical and emergency assistance
icon-check-circle 24 hour travel information

Overseas medical benefits

icon-check-circle Medical and accidental dental expenses that arise due to an accident or illness are covered while your employees are overseas

icon-check-circle Return treatment covers medical expenses incurred for treatment or follow-up in Singapore or your employees’ country of regular employment

icon-check-circle Treatments undertaken by Traditional Chinese medicine are covered while overseas

icon-check-circle Hospital confinement benefit pays for every complete day you are hospitalised overseas and double hospital confinement benefits in ICU covers every complete day your employees are hospitalised overseas

icon-check-circle Hospital visitation expenses are covered for up to two friends or relatives if your employees require hospitalisation while overseas under compassionate visit pays.

icon-check-circle Emergency telephone charges are reimbursed of mobile telephone charges for medical-related services

icon-check-circle Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation expenses cover your expenses incurred in returning your employees’ mortal remains to Singapore or their home country

Personal and accident benefits

The six types of benefits you can avail for your employees with our insurance plan in the case of an accident include:

icon-check-circle Accidental death and permanent disablement
icon-check-circle Accidental death and permanent disablement due to war
icon-check-circle Accidental burn benefit
icon-check-circle Fracture benefit
icon-check-circle Compassionate death allowance
icon-check-circle Child education fund

Travel inconvenience benefits

Like we said before, there are certain circumstances that are beyond our control yet are encountered, especially when travelling. These circumstances can be taken on lightly and dealt with in a more productive manner when you know that the financial aspect is covered by insurance!

icon-check-circle Trip cancellation expenses covers loss of irredeemable travel and accommodation expenses paid in advance and occurring prior to departure

icon-check-circle If your trip is cut short, trip curtailment and rearrangement expenses covers additional travel or accommodation expenses incurred or forfeited after the commencement of the trip

icon-check-circle If there is a travel delay due to a bomb threat, we pay for the delay whilst your employees are overseas or in Singapore

icon-check-circle If your flight is diverted because of unavoidable conditions such as adverse weather conditions, flight diversion pays for such delays

icon-check-circle Flight overbooking pays for you in the event that you fail to board the scheduled flight due to overbooking although you have a confirmed reservation from the airline

icon-check-circle Travel misconnection covers expenses incurred as a result of misconnection of scheduled conveyance

icon-check-circle Baggage delay pays for a certain number of hours that your baggage is delayed whilst overseas or upon arrival in Singapore

icon-check-circle We cover the damage or loss of personal baggage, travel documents, money, credit card fraud, business equipment. We also provide expenses to cover the costs of obtaining replacement passports, travel tickets, and other relevant travel documents

icon-check-circle In the event of hijacking, we pay S$500 for each complete day you are delayed

Other benefits

icon-check-circle Staff replacement benefits
icon-check-circle Credit card indemnity
icon-check-circle Legal fees
icon-check-circle Bail bond facility
icon-check-circle Personal liability

As with other insurance, basic claims document in travel insurance is claim form.

Other related documents to support the claim include air tickets, boarding passes, original invoices (when claiming reimbursements for medical and other claimable expenses), written proof of delay, police reports (if applicable), death cert/medical report (for claiming PA benefit) and any other relevant documents.
Choosing to hire us will automatically lead to increased benefits for you. We have dedicated consultants with up to ten years of experience in the insurance industry and hundreds of satisfied clients to vouch for us! Why?

Because we save you the trouble of having to do the dirty work of having to compare and speak to different consults, by providing you the best quotes based on your budget and requirement after reviewing the quotes from the general insurers below:

icon-star AVIVA Ltd
icon-star AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
icon-star AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd
icon-star China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
icon-star EQ Insurance Company Ltd
icon-star Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd
icon-star MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
icon-star NTUC Income
icon-star Overseas Assurance Corporation (OAC)
icon-star QBE Insurance (International) Limited
icon-star RSA – Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc
icon-star Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd.

In addition, we provide non-obligatory reviews on your existing portfolios to help you understand your needs when you are signing up for insurance!

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