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If you are the head of an organization and employing between 5 to 50 employees in Singapore, Group Personal Accident Insurance plans can be useful to you if you wish to provide your employees with death and disability benefits.. They are also useful as supplementary insurance contracts if you wish to increase your employees’ benefits cover under Group Term Life Insurance Policies. Group Personal Accident Insurance can also be extended to cover the families of your employees, but at lower benefit limits. Otherwise, you may consider to only provide the key personnel with superlative benefits under an individual personal accident insurance or health plan.

The benefit of providing your employees with Group Personal Accident Insurance can help instill loyalty to the company when your employees know that you will give them good employee benefits. It also helps you, as an employer, to save costs (one of the financial aspects) because in the event that your employee(s) does face an accident, providing them with insurance premium will cost you less than having to compensate your employee(s) out of your own pocket.

Our Group Personal Accident plan offers affordable comprehensive protection which includes child education fund, post hospitalization medication and consultations follow-up plus weekly income benefit as a result of accidents.

icon-quote-left If your employee(s) tend to travel frequently, we can also offer a Group Travel Insurance plan with a Group Personal Accident Insurance plan, which will lead to cost savings ultimately! It is also possible to award your employees with other corporate benefits, such as Group Health Insurance, Foreign Worker Medical Insurance and Work Injury Compensation Insurance plans. icon-quote-right

What your employees get:

icon-check-circle Coverage for loss of life or permanent disablement arising from an accident.

icon-check-circle Additional payments for specified major permanent disablement and payout for accidental death whilst overseas.

icon-check-circle Accidental medical reimbursement.

icon-check-circle Post-hospitalization benefit.

icon-check-circle Weekly indemnity.

icon-check-circle Compassionate death allowance.

icon-check-circle Child education fund.

icon-check-circle Optional emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.

Sign up criteria

A minimum group of 5 employees and maximum of 50 employees

A minimum annual premium is required

Choice of multiple plans under one policy

Entry age is between 16 and 65 years, renewable up to age 70.

icon-quote-left Do not worry if the size of your organisation does not fit the sign up criteria, we have standalone personal accident plans to cater for that or call us for a discussion. icon-quote-right

icon-times-circle War, declared or undeclared.
icon-times-circle Occupational duties with Armed Forces, Navy, Police, Fire Service, Civil Defence Forces, with the exception of peace time reservist duty.
icon-times-circle Any underground work or off-shore work or operations.
icon-times-circle Pregnancy, drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness, suicide, self-inflicted injury.
icon-times-circle All illness, disease or bacterial infection or injury arising out of or consequently upon or contributed to by AIDS.
icon-times-circle All pre-existing physical impairment, injuries, or disabilities due to illness.
To make a claim for our Group Personal Accident Insurance, you need to:

icon-file-o Fill out the claim form completely and accurately.

icon-paperclip Provide us with all of the relevant documentations.

Once we have received the relevant form and documents, we will process your claim in a timely manner. However, we may be in need of additional documents and proofs to substantiate your claim and you will be required to provide us with such documents as requested.

In cases where you are injured while travelling abroad, you can make a collect call to the emergency assistance provider immediately to inform the agency about your accident and to claim the insurance.

icon-comments-o Unfortunately, no. We only cover losses that result due to an injury or accident.


icon-comments-o In the case that you have more than 50 employees for which you wish to attain accident coverage for, please contact us to enquire further.


icon-comments-o Yes, we allow this as it is administered on a named basis.
Apart from the above mentioned, by choosing us as your consultants, you will benefit in several ways: you will save time, especially when it comes to paperwork, as all required documents can be conveyed via email, fax, or scan. Our experienced consultants have decades of experience in terms of claim support and after sales support whenever you require it. And best of all, we are only a phone call away!

So sign up today and provide yourself, and your employees, with increased benefits and a little less unnecessary stress!

Another reason you should hire us is because of our years of experience in the field which has led to us being one of the most professional insurance consultants that you can rely on. We have had the privilege of working closely with representatives from major insurance companies over Singapore such as:

icon-star AVIVA Ltd
icon-star AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
icon-star AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd
icon-star China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
icon-star EQ Insurance Company Ltd
icon-star Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd
icon-star MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
icon-star NTUC Income
icon-star Overseas Assurance Corporation (OAC)
icon-star QBE Insurance (International) Limited
icon-star RSA – Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc
icon-star Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd.

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