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Foreign Worker Medical Insurance is one of the best benefits that you can give to your alien employees. To maximise profits and minimise losses, there is a heavy chance of employing foreigners. However under the MOM Employment Act, it is mandatory for your company to purchase and maintain Medical Insurance with coverage of at least $15,000 for all foreigners licensed to work in your Singapore Company. These include permit holders like R Pass workers (semi skilled and skilled e.g. domestic workers) and S Pass employees (middle level skilled manpower and technicians). Designed to compensate such workers in the event of an accident during employment, the medical plan comes with maximum benefits and coverage.

icon-quote-left Do you also know that as employers, you are responsible for maintaining Work Injury Compensation Insurance for all blue-collar workers as well as all white-collar workers earning $1,600 and less?

Besides the above required employee insurance, a few of the other supplementary insurance that you may want to regard are group health insurance, group personal accident insurance and group travel insurance etc to assure that the health and personal risks of your employees are taken care of fully by us. This will also limit your liabilities and losses as an employer .

Main benefits and services you will get to enjoy with our Foreign Worker Medical Insurance

icon-check-circle Standalone policy to offer maximum benefits to foreign employees to comply with the law.

icon-check-circle Extended coverage for your foreign employee’s hospital and surgical expenses incurred in Singapore.

icon-check-circle Our plans cater for hospitalization bills due to injury, sickness and diseases.

icon-check-circle Our hospital expenses extend to Intensive Care Unit (ICU), surgical, in-hospital, hospitalization, diagnosis bills e.g. X-ray and post-hospitalization bills.

icon-check-circle Full cover for pre-hospitalization diagnostic X-ray and lab tests incurred 90 days prior to hospitalization.

icon-check-circle Reimbursement for consultation fees incurred 90 days prior to hospitalization.

icon-times-circle Hospitalization arising any outside Singapore government or restructured hospitals may not be covered.
icon-times-circle Usual exclusions like war, war-like operations, riots, nuclear risks and commotions are also not insurable.
icon-times-circle Our plans do not cater for pre-existing illnesses.
icon-times-circle Also, expenses in regards to sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, AIDS and other communicable diseases are not covered.
icon-times-circle Expenses arising from criminal acts, suicide, self-inflicted injuries, consumption of drugs and alcohol abuse are also not insurable.
icon-times-circle Our plans also exclude accidents from use of services/suppliers from non-approved or non-registered medical practitioners.
icon-times-circle Expenses from pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, miscarriage and use of contraception may not be included in your package.
icon-times-circle In cases of dental care, our plans only extend to injuries sustained to sound and natural teeth.
icon-times-circle We also do not cater for expenses arising from optional treatments such as plastic and cosmetic surgery.
 icon-clock-o  To enjoy the full benefits of Foreign Worker Medical Insurance in Singapore, the injured party must inform our insurance company within 30 days from the date of discharge.

 icon-clipboard All claims should be submitted using our duly completed claim form with all supporting documents including: hospital bills, medical receipts, invoices, discharge summary and medical reports.

 icon-phone-square Do not accept liability in the event of your employees’ illnesses; always contact our support team whenever in doubt.

icon-comments-o Yes, we require you to send the Medical Insurance details for your foreign workers via Work Permit Online (WPOL). MOM allows you to use the same policy number to submit the details of additional employees. Whenever you renew the Foreign Worker Medical Insurance in Singapore, you should do an online submission with the new policy number and the insured period. Check with our consultants if you are unsure of the procedures.

• We advise your company on the best medical plans and help you with the tedious paper work for all employees.

• Our friendly and knowledgeable team ensures that your team gets adequate protection, best benefits and utmost coverage.

• Whether you represent a large or a small company, we will help you get a competitive quote.

• Enjoy our services from our qualified team with abundant experience and knowledge on Foreign Worker Medical Insurance. We offer services beyond insurance and claims processes including renewals, claims and review coverage.

• We give you 3 best quotes from major insurers across Singapore including:

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 icon-star AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
 icon-star AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd
 icon-star China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
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