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Traveling with your loved ones and kids? Explore the world with our innovative Family Travel Insurance plans. You can now tour all beautiful sceneries in the world with your family while we take care of uncertainties which can results to lots of expenses. Our packages ensure that your travels are not interrupted. Apart from accidents and medical cover, we take care of travel delays including interruptions and baggage loss. Enjoy a superb protection with your family for your single and annual trips at affordable rates. Engage our consultants today and get insured for maximum protection worldwide.

Accidents are inevitable in life. When it comes to traveling, your family well-being takes the highest priority. To avoid unexpected medical, financial and other losses while traveling overseas, Family Travel Insurance is the right choice for you. Our policy gives you peace of mind when traveling. No more worries about accidents or sicknesses. We cover all such cases including deaths and permanent disability. Moreover, we pay for your kids’ education in case of your accidental death. Our contemporary plans also cover medical expenses incurred overseas including consultations from a Chinese Physician.


Our Family Travel Insurance plan is the most affordable in Singapore and comes with irresistible benefits and services for all type of families:

icon-check-circle Protection for accidental death and permanent disablement. Our plans cater for children and persons below the age of 79.

icon-check-circle Double reimbursement when traveling in a public transport. This includes you and your family members.

icon-check-circle Lump sum grants to your child's education in the event of your accidental death.

icon-check-circle Coverage for medical expenses incurred while traveling overseas and in Singapore

icon-check-circle Reimbursement for expenses incurred overseas due to pregnancy-related sicknesses.

icon-check-circle Complete cover for expenses incurred while undergoing treatment from a Chinese Physician.

icon-check-circle Reimbursement for costs incurred by a relative taking care of you while you are hospitalized overseas.

icon-check-circle Cover for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation including hotline calls costs.

icon-check-circle Insurance against trip cancellation, postponement, curtailment, flight diversions and disruption.

icon-check-circle Cover to lost or damaged baggage, personal documents and money including unauthorized use of your credit cards while traveling.

icon-check-circle Emergency telephone charges

icon-check-circle Cover against personal liability to third parties.

icon-check-circle Full terrorism cover including kidnaps and hostages.

Our Family Travel Insurance does not cover the following:

icon-times-circle Losses caused by direct or indirect government regulation/control.

icon-times-circle Losses which are already covered by other insurance schemes.

icon-times-circle Expenses/losses which has already been refunded by a hotel or travel agent.

icon-times-circle Losses in relation to your business or professionalism while traveling.

icon-times-circle Illegal acts committed by you(due to negligence, willful act, omissions) as well as credit card charges made by your relative, travel companion and persons entrusted by you.

icon-times-circle Damages occurring to: animals, vehicles, perishable goods, computers & their software, bridges, vermin and artificial teeth.

icon-times-circle Any damages to hired equipments and properties as a result of war, seizure or custom regulations.

icon-times-circle Losses for baggage sent separately prior to your travel/return.

icon-times-circle Delays associated by failure to check your travel itinerary.

icon-times-circle Any kind of tear/wear/depreciation associated within cleaning, dying and repair of your articles.

In case of an occurrence that may rise to a claim, kindly inform our support team to expedite the claims process. In addition, ensure the following:

 icon-step-forward  Take practical steps to mitigate the loss. E.g. in case of an accident involving fire or injury, call the ambulance and police immediately.

 icon-camera-retro Take all photos of the damaged property if applicable.

 icon-key Whenever possible, retain the damaged property until we are complete with our investigation.

 icon-pencil-square-o Once called by our adjusters, kindly cooperate and provide us with the necessary details.

 icon-folder-open-o Fill a duly completed claim form with all the necessary documents. These include: police statements, medical records, boarding passes and itinerary, medical receipts, hotel bills and travel invoices.

Once we receive the document, we will reimburse you accordingly. Remember, our Family Travel Insurance is the best when it comes to claims procedure.

icon-comments-o Yes, your children can purchase individual plans as desired. In addition, their coverage details including benefits will be the same as adults purchasing individual plans.


icon-comments-o Subject to certain policy exclusions, our policy will cover pregnancy related Medical Expenses which are incurred necessarily when abroad.

1. Enjoy our prompt advice for you and your family Insurance Travel needs.

2. Take advantage of our benefits and coverage and advice on factors to consider before buying your policy to safeguard your family travel interests.

3. Get complete reimbursement with our fast response to claims and support.

4. We also provide after sales services including: subsequent renewal of insurance, claims, review coverage, e.t.c

5. Save time and money. We issue you with 3 obligation-free quotes from 15 major insurers across Singapore including:

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 icon-star AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
 icon-star AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd
 icon-star China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
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