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You're putting on a show! Whether it's a family wedding or an international trade convention, all kinds of things can go wrong.

For instance, a lighting tower collapses. Someone could get hurt. The lighting equipment will be damaged. Other people's property might get squashed. At a big exhibition venue, a van coming on-site could crash into another van, damaging another exhibitor's kit - or worse, it could run into a visitor.

High attendance figures and highly complex operations for big events can lead to unpredictable outcomes. If you have to abandon an event because of unforeseen circumstances, what happens to people who have paid for tickets for two or three days? Refunds could wipe out your profit or even push you into loss.

Insuring against all these different risks isn't easy. There are risks to property, and risks of personal injury or even death. There are contractors, sub-contractors, their employees, members of the public, and property belonging to all these people and to the venue where you're putting on the event. As an event organiser you may even have a legal liability for things that contractors and sub-contractors do. A serious accident could put you out of business.

Even if you're running a small event, there will still be risks. And the smaller your pockets, the worse the impact of an accident could be. A family wedding should be an enjoyable event, but if two guests get into a brawl, and furniture is broken, it won't just spoil the happy couple's day - their parents may end up paying for it.

For your peace of mind, you need a comprehensive event liability policy. That can cover you for all of the following:

icon-check-circle bodily injury to staff, visitors or exhibitors

icon-check-circle damage to property, whoever it belongs to

icon-check-circle financial loss to others arising out of your event

icon-check-circle cancellation or abandonment in unforeseen circumstances

icon-check-circle legal expenses in the event of a legal action against you

Events liability insurance can cover you for all these risks - or just for those which apply to your particular event. Getting the right insurance will give you peace of mind, and protect your business or family if things go wrong. This isn't a one size fits all kind of insurance; it needs to be tailor made. That's why we work with experienced professionals in the field to write the right policy for your particular circumstances.

While many policies cover a single event, larger event organisers such as exhibition companies, conference organisers and music promoters can put multiple events under a single policy. That saves time since fresh insurance doesn't have to be arranged for each individual event.

Professional organisers can also use the fact that they're fully insured as a selling point when they're pitching for business. Customers will value the security that good insurance cover brings.

If you're putting on an event, you want to be able to concentrate on making it a great show. You don't want to be worrying about what happens if things go wrong. That's why you need the best events liability insurance you can get.

So give us a call now to learn more about the kind of events liability insurance we can offer and the peace of mind that it can deliver. Then you won't have to hope that "it'll be all right on the night".

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