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Love to drive in your car? Aviva Car Insurance is the best and most affordable way to insure your safety and your vehicle. We understand that accidents can be inevitable. We therefore insure you and your loved ones in the event of a car accident.

Insure your valued car with us and get the peace of mind if your vehicle gets an accident, stolen or destroyed.

Our innovative policies with affordable premiums help you to stay on top of third party liabilities in case of damage to passengers, properties and other vehicles. We make full compensation in the event of injury or death to you and passengers.

Aviva Motor Insurance is a comprehensive plan for your car. To fully adapt the plan to your needs, we customize a package to suit your car features while reducing the policy cost and tailoring your Car Insurance according to your needs.

Our plan is to compensate you in case of an accident, loss or damage of your vehicle. Your audio equipments, accessories, child seat and windscreen are also fully insured. Most intriguing, our packages cover legal costs, medical bills, death, and injury to you and third parties.

Aviva Car Insurance extends coverage to West Malaysia and Peninsula Thailand (up to 80km from West Malaysia border. As an Aviva privileged customer, you will enjoy lots of preferential benefits throughout the insurance period.

icon-quote-left In any case you wish to renew with another insurer to obtain better benefits with more savings, we can help you do that easily here by requesting and comparing quotes from the other big players (AXA, Chartis, MSIG, NTUC, etc) in Singapore! icon-quote-right


icon-check-circle Car breakdown assistance and repair service with 12 months warranty from an Aviva approved repairer. We arrive at the scene 20 minutes after your call and will tow, jump start or even fix a flat tyre to keep you moving.

icon-check-circle Zero excess if accident is not your fault.

icon-check-circle Complete replacement of car involving automotive less than an year old which is damaged by more than 70%.

icon-check-circle 14 day money back guarantee with an option of paying and amending the policy online.

icon-check-circle Claim process assistance including form filling.

icon-check-circle Family safety for your kids – we replace your kid’s seats irrespective of the nature of damage or theft.

Optional Benefits

icon-check-circle Replacement of starter mechanism, central locking system and transmitter when your vehicle keys are lost.

icon-check-circle Compensation to you ,your family and passengers in case of an accident – we cover death, loss of sight, hearing and limbs.

icon-check-circle Audio and car accessories cover.

icon-check-circle Compensation against identity theft where your information is fraudulently used – we clear any criminal case for you and cover you if your private documents such as credit card are used without your consent.

icon-check-circle We give you a replacement car for up to 10 days in the event your car is damaged during an accident.

Getting a customized quote for your car is fast and easy with our experts. To avoid red tape, we have eliminated all the paper work and we accept all your documents via digital means such as emails and faxes.

Rest assured to get your quote shortly after getting in touch with our consultants 24/7. Enjoy our fast claim process with our dedicated staff with 10 years of experience in the industry. Amazingly get assisted by us to renew your road tax instantly as an added benefit.
icon-times-circle Aviva Car Insurance does not cater for damages and losses happening where your vehicle is outside the geographical area stipulated by the insurer.
icon-times-circle The policy will also not cover cases where vehicles are used by unauthorized drivers who might also be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
icon-times-circle In the event of “Acts of God” such as floods, cyclones, hurricanes e.t.c, Aviva will only cover the circumstance if the accident meet the requirement of the legislation.
icon-times-circle Loss of other uncovered cases include war, invasions, strikes and riots.
icon-times-circle Nuclear risks such as ionization and radio activity are not insurable.
In the event of a car accident or theft, follow the steps below and don’t accept liability or local arrangements whatsoever:

icon-edit Record details of all parties involved in the accident including names, addresses and vehicle registration number. Also, take photos whenever possible.

icon-envelope Call your insurance adviser to initiate the claim process and expect our service team to completely take all the facts after a few minutes. The team will then send an accident form to General Insurance association (GIA) on your behalf.

icon-paperclip In case the car is not drivable or damaged, we will tow or ask you to take it to the nearest Aviva approved repair center.

 icon-truck  We will arrange a vehicle for you in case you have signed up for “loss of use hire car” cover. Our approved repairer will also reinstate your damaged vehicle and if not possible (e.g. in case of theft or total damage), we will reimburse you with another car depending on the market value of your vehicle.

icon-phone-square Report the case to police if third parties (e.g. pedestrians, cyclist) were injured. Do the same if the accident involved government or foreign vehicles or in the event of a hit and run situation.

icon-phone Report any summons by third party insurers or traffic police in regards to the accident immediately.


icon-comments-o No, our policy does not cater to NCD but we give safe driver discounts to policy holders who are still enjoying 50% NCD at the time of renewal if they have no claims.


icon-comments-o Yes, we can offer a free replacement car for up to 10 days if you have opted for loss of use cover when taking your policy. If your repair period extends to more than 10 days you may opt to extend with the car hire service from our partner.


icon-comments-o Reduction of policy excess is applicable to selected car models and named drivers only and is arranged on your individual basis.


icon-comments-o Definitely yes - Aviva Car Insurance policy caters for additional excess to licensed drivers under the age of 24 who have less than 1 year of driving experience.

icon-quote-left Feel free to contact us or find out more here for additional FAQs or other car insurance related matters. icon-quote-right
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