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Your Audi car is expensive, comfortable and superior. With these features in mind, consider buying an Audi Car insurance plan to safeguard it. Don’t accept liability in case of an accident. Remember your Audi Car has expensive parts which would cost you a lot to replace. This is where our insurance policy comes in to reimburse you in case of total damage to car, third parties’ properties damage and medical expenses arising to you, your passengers and family members. Our team has over 10 years of experience in the automobile insurance industry and will assist you to get maximum benefits at lower premiums per month for your Audi car.

icon-quote-left Here are some quick tips on how you can actually save more money on your Audi Car Insurance premium effectively. And if you are an avid car lover who happen to own more than one car in your possession, you may want to check out our Fleet Insurance here too. icon-quote-right

Top Benefits of Singapore’s Audi Car Insurance

icon-check-circle 24 hour breakdown and free towing services for your Audi Car.

icon-check-circle Car key protection and replacement including repair of ignition switch in the event of breakage.

icon-check-circle Loss of use benefit for up to 10 days in case your Audi car is held in a repair workshop.

icon-check-circle Option to have repairs done at your Audi car sole agent’s workshop for vehicles less than 3 years old.

icon-check-circle Full replacement of your Audi car in case it is less than 12 months old.

icon-check-circle Personal Accident Cover to you, your family and passengers in the event of: injury, death, temporary or permanent disability.

icon-check-circle Windscreen cover.

icon-check-circle Cover to third parties’ properties and medical injuries.

icon-check-circle Extended cover to losses arising from: floods, strikes and lockouts.

icon-check-circle Flexibility to customize your plans depending on the driver's needs.

icon-quote-left Feel free to contact us or find out more here for additional FAQs or other car insurance related matters. icon-quote-right
We understand that your Audi car is very valuable. However, our plans do not cover the following situations:
icon-times-circle Accidents arising outside the defined geographic area.
icon-times-circle Accidents that occurred when the vehicle was used incorrectly e.g. use by unauthorized driver(s) and persons under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
icon-times-circle War, acts of foreign enemies, confiscation, floods, volcanic eruption and all other convulsions of nature are also not covered unless such incidents meet the requirement of legislation.
icon-times-circle Nuclear risks and effects of radio activity are also catastrophic in nature and cannot be insured.
In case of an accident, don’t accept liability. Follow the procedures below:

icon-phone-square Call your consultant and report the matter immediately.

icon-camera Take photographs whenever possible especially where there is damage to third parties’ properties.

icon-edit You should also file a police report in case of injuries to persons.

icon-paperclip For your convenience, report the accident to us within 24 hrs together with supporting documents such as: digital photos, receipts (in case of medical treatments) and police reports.

icon-wrench We will do our best to reimburse you, replace your car and restore it to its original state before the accident occurred.

Our Audi Car Insurance plans are one of the best in Singapore. Our support staff is a phone call away and issue extra service to our customers. Enjoy an non obligatory free quote specifically for your Audi car. Once we identify your needs, we assist you to get the best plan with utmost benefits. We also assist you to file claims, make subsequent renewals and even review extra coverage depending on your preferences.

We team up with insurance experts from major insurers in Singapore who represent the work of:

icon-star AVIVA Ltd
icon-star AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
icon-star AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd
icon-star China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
icon-star EQ Insurance Company Ltd
icon-star Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd
icon-star MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd
icon-star NTUC Income
icon-star Overseas Assurance Corporation (OAC)
icon-star QBE Insurance (International) Limited
icon-star RSA – Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc icon-star Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd.

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