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Singapore Insurance Empire work with professional consultants dealing with varying insurance related issues. We do this with the sole aim of making all our clients comfortable in their lives. The process of getting our services is hassle free and friendly to suit the needs of our customers. The experts we collaborate with have a clean track record of delivering trustworthy and quality services for over ten years! This talk of the vast experience we have in the field of insurance hence efficiency and effectiveness in all that we do. Looking for insurance services? Here are the reasons why you should engage us:

Services offered

What we do is we obtain your profile and get quotes from advisers representing big and reputable insurers in Singapore with even international offices and subsidiaries located round the globe. This is followed by the availability of three best quotes that you are able to view and from there, our consultants will help you in contrasting the prices vs the products that each particular insurer has to offer. This helps you to choose the best among the top three insurers. We do this with the aim of helping you to access the best policy coverage at the lowest rates possible in the market, at the same time saving your effort from searching around for competitive quotes. Plus this can be done online with no tedious form filing on your side as all will be managed by us!

We offer the following to you, to minimize financial and/or other risks you may face in your business or in your daily routine, and more!

Commercial Vehicle Insurance, a reliable cover for those running corporate companies or other businesses dealing with transportation. The Group Corporate Insurance cover is ideal for the companies as it offers health covers for the employees hence reducing worker’s turnover as they will always want to work for the company. Our HDB Fire Insurance and Home Insurance are meant to protect the investments put in houses regardless of ownership of that particular property. The Maid Insurance is an ideal product for working parents to protect their families. In our company the Motor Insurance offers protection at the best rates in the market. In addition, we provide Personal Accident Insurance that protects individuals when one gets injured accidentally. Also, for those who love travelling and adventure, we have the Travel Insurance thus one can enjoy leisure when travelling. The Universal Life Insurance is the best gift that one can give to their family. This plan protects the wealth and restores the legacy when one is passes on.

Quality services

Here, we are committed to providing quality services to you. We are client oriented hence working for the benefit of each and every person who needs an insurance cover. Here, a thorough evaluation of your situation is done in order to establish the ideal insurance cover for them. Due to the experience we have in the field, we have the ability to unearth aspects of your life that needs cover as well as the risks thus advising you accordingly. All the issues are handled by qualified advisers for good quality services.

Customer care support

Also, we ensure that all the services offered to you are given with ultimate professionalism. This is because the representatives whom we work with are well trained and guided by the professional code of ethics. In this way, we have been able to provide customer care services that have stand the test of time for the last 10 years. In addition, we ensure that every client is accorded personalized attention as each case is treated as unique. We also have an unbeatable history of protecting the confidentiality and privacy of all the information entrusted to us by our clients. This is because we have in place all the required structures as well as bound by the 'Personal Data Protection Act' (PDPA) that ensure that the client’s details do not find their way to any of the third party unless with the consent of you.

Swift access and response

At Singapore Insurance Empire, there is a swift access to the services as well as the response from our specialists . This is because we have a customer friendly website that is easy to access and browse through for details. In addition, our customer care personnel are available in the online platform to attend to clients’ requests and queries any time. This guarantees response to you within 24 hours as the processing of quotes is given the priority by the responsible consultants. This saves time while restoring peace of mind for you.

Cost effective

The cost of getting a reliable and ideal insurance cover should not be evaluated on the basis of the amount but rather the quality of our service. This is the principle we have used to structure the cost of services by us ensuring that you access quality services at the best rates in the market. This makes our services affordable for all as the cost is designed to suit a standard budget.

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